About InnovED Global

InnovED Global was founded by Rohit Singh, an IIT Delhi Alumnus in September 2016 with a mission to provide a preparation platform for examinations. InnovED Global caters to the needs of students by providing them with an online test platform.

In its pilot run, 78 students used InnovED Global, out of which 40 were selected in various engineering exams including IIT JEE and WB JEE. It is with great pride, we say that the All India IIT Advanced 2017 Math topper was one amongst these 78. In more recent news, proud InnovEDians secured First Ranks in both WB JEE 2018 and ISI 2018.

With Shatrudha Prasad, an IIT Madras alumnus now on board, InnovED Global sets its eyes on increasing its number of rankers in various examinations.

InnovED Global test series has various essential features needed by the students.

  • It is mobile & tablet responsive, making studying-on-the-go a reality. You can now prepare anytime and anywhere without the need to download any mobile application. The test series has been formulated in such a way that the questions resize according to the electronic device being used. This smart feature of InnovED Global helps us overcome the shortcomings of low storage as well as internet usage.
  • It has been observed that most test series for examinations in India use the same content year after year. However, we at InnovED Global make it a point to constantly update content with the changes coming about in the education sector. New content is prepared by keeping the previous year examination blueprint in mind.
  • At InnovED Global, increased emphasis is laid on self-analysis and contemplation. Instead of comparing students with one another, InnovED Global focuses its analytics on self-assessment.
  • With extensive study done on the pattern of the previous question papers, a set of the most important, relevant and probable questions is made. This helps students get away from facing a sea of questions most of which would never make it on to the question paper.
  • Parental involvement and support plays a key role in a child's education. With the presence of the specially tailored Parent Module of InnovED Global, parents are now facilitated to keep track of their child's progress. They have easy and an all time access to their children's reports.