5 ways to write perfect answer in Board Exams

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Writing perfect answers in Board Exam is an art that can learned to hard work and commitment. Most of the times, students fail to score well in Board Exams despite knowing the answer is because of their inability to express themselves properly in answer sheet. 

Below are 5 tips to write perfect answer in Board Exams:

  • Write upto the point : Even though you may have in depth knowledge of the topic, write answers only to the point they are relevant. One needs to understand that writing more will not help you secure more marks. Students' should understand how much to write by looking the weightage given the question. 
  • Structure Answer Systematically: Have a structured answer will lead to more marks as it can clearly show that you have knowledge about the question. Also, writing structured answers will lead to less time consumption in Board Exams.
  • Understand Question properly before starting: Before you dive into the question, understand the question properly, what is being asked and how much marks is given to the question. Once you have understood that frame your answer with important and useful information so that examiner can understand it clearly and rate you accordingly. 
  • Learn from Previous Years Answer Sheet: Previous years answer sheets are available on CBSE website. One should go through them to understand how marks are given. Also, it will help you to improve your writing style.
  • Review: During exam, manage time in such a way that before you hand over you answer sheet to invigilator, you have time to review your answers once again for improvement. 

- All the Best for Board Exams -

Author: Sandeep Patil

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