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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET-UG is an entrance examination in India, for students who wish to study graduate medical course (MBBS) and dental course (BDS) in government or private medical colleges and dental colleges respectively in India. NEET-UG, for MBBS and BDS courses, is currently conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE). This is a make-or-break conjecture in every medical aspirant's life and coincides with the 12th grade board exams. Hence, dealing with both NEET and boards is crucial.

Know your syllabus. You must recognize the areas you are weak in first. Only then can you come up with a schedule to get better at it. Go through the syllabus once and check your level from which you would have to start.

You can effectively manage both NEET and boards by aligning textbook topics and NEET topics together. Try to sync your academic curriculum along with NEET chapters. When a particular chapter is being taught in class, refer textbook and other reference material after class. Try and solve as many questions as possible.

There are many topics among the board exams and NEET 2018 syllabus that overlap. Identify these topics and mark them out so that once you prepare for them, you do not have repeat it. Study these topics in such a way that you stay well-prepared for them for both the tests.

Prepare for board examinations by building your concepts from scratch. This will help NEET preparation become easier as it involves the execution of concepts you've studied for the boards.

Know the timing of both the exams. Board exams are generally in the first week of March and will continue till the first week of April. You will get, on average, a month-long preparation time only for NEET. Keeping this in mind, your main focus in the month of February should be the board exam. However, you should lay more emphasis on NEET preparation during December and January.

Your health should always be your top priority. Set a sleeping schedule and strictly adhere to it. Try to avoid staying up well into the night a day before the exam, boards or NEET- as this might lead to you not giving your 100% during the exam.

Don’t try to include new topics at the end of preparations. This is a common mistake that most students commit. Try and refrain from packing in too much information in a short amount of time as this can even make you forget the concepts you were initially strong at.

Every student has a different approach towards studying. Once you find the approach that works for you, stick to it. Believe in yourself and look at NEET as a step closer to your dream coming true. More than any exam you will take, it is the knowledge that you gain which will help you in life. Whatever it is that you are trying to learn, learn it with full concentration and not just for the sake of getting a good score.

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