Problem of education in India - No Focus in building a Personality

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In a country like ours with a population of over 132 crore and more than 600 million young people, India is rightfully called a young country. These are the people that are capable of making us proud at a global level. These are the ones that can finally help in the transforming India from a 'developing' country to a 'developed' one. For this dream to come true, 'Education for all' needs to be achieved.

There are some very fundamental problems with our education system. Elementary education is still a far away dream for a lot of children- especially in rural and backward regions. About half of our country does not have access to higher education. Girl child education is a major problem. Poverty and the attitude of parents towards literacy also contributes to the vicious cycle of illiteracy. However, the ones that are fortunate enough to be exposed to an education still have many obstacles to face.

Indian education institutions often lay a lot of emphasis on marks. Simply memorizing the content in textbooks and writing it down during the exam will not help you gain knowledge. It will help you get marks. But marks and grades do not tell us how knowledgeable or aware a student is. Of all the students who graduate, 75% do not have employable skills. This is true overall and for engineering and IT graduates. To put things into perspective, we can say that out of 25 million kids who will go to college, 19 million will not be employable in decent jobs in the industry.

In the 21st century, the world is constantly evolving. A good CGPA is just not enough for you to land a good job. Along with hard skills, employers often look for soft skills. Soft skills are what you require to work in a team, to make sure your voice is heard. The problem with our education system is that there is little to no importance given to personality development and employability enhancement. The goal of an education system is to ensure that a student can be a team player, that he can lead when required. He or she needs to be spontaneous and confident. Critical thinking needs to be promoted.

Along with cognitive skills, which can impact financial growth and employment, a student also needs social and emotional skills that will help him with with friendship, health, and happiness. Students will need to strike a balance between having hard skills and social, emotional skills to be successful in life. Their capacity to work under pressure, come up with innovative alternatives, interacting with others and dealing with rejection needs to be improved.

Key character traits such as empathy, resilience and self-regulation need to inculcated in children from the initial stages itself. Schools should develop children's character and not just their ability to pass exams. It is sad to see that our system encourages memorizing more than originality. The goal of our system should be to create entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, scientists and thinkers- people who don't dread at the thought of Monday, people who enjoy their professions.

In conclusion, we can say that more importance needs to be given to personality building. Our education system needs to be changed from its grass roots. Way of teaching can no longer just be rote memorization. Along with marks and grades, students should be encouraged into fields such as public speaking, creative writing etc. Employability courses need to be implemented in college. With greater awareness, the students can be shaped into well rounded individuals who are not only hopeful enough to dream but also strong enough to make them come true.

Author: Shraddha Pangam

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