What The JEE Topper Says (Sayak Chakrabarti , AIR 181, JEE Advanced Mathematics Topper 2017)

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Nowadays, most of the aspirants of engineering look for inspiration from their peers as well as seniors, mostly toppers. They want to follow the topper's routine, topper's study material, in short walk on the topper's foot steps and follow the path the topper once took to reach the destination for becoming the engineer, the topper is now.This makes the aspirants feel that if the topper can to do it, why not they.

Here are few questions which all the aspirants would usually want to ask the topper in order to follow their footstep. Here, the topper Sayak Chakrabarti, AIR 181, JEE Advanced Mathematics Topper 2017 who scored 122 out of 122 in Maths, a star student of Edupace Academy, himself answers the FAQs.

1. Which coaching institute did you enroll yourself into?
A- I enrolled myself into Edupace Academy. The faculty is experienced and friendly which makes them easily approachable. The study material provided is designed in such a way that it is impossible to score full marks most of the times. I never scored more than 80%  in maths in any of the paper of Edupace academy. 

2. Did you take any test series for becoming the topper? If yes, which one?
A- Ofcourse, I took InnovEd Global test series which provides the best test series which were  perfect to assess the knowledge gained and how much more efforts I had to put in, to become the topper. I knew it from the beginning that if i do well in the test series provided by them, I might as well top in any of the subjects of IIT-JEE.

3. How long did it take for you to prepare for IIT-JEE as a topper?
A- Well, it all depends on how well you are able to grasp the subject matter. With the knowledge partaken by Edupace along with the test series from InnovEd Global, it really becomes easy to prepare for IIT-JEE. The way they teach and train actually helps in becoming the topper in no time. But eventually, it all depends on hardwork.

Sayak Chakrabarti joined IIT Kanpur in CS department. 

Hence,the topper himself speaks of the pillars behind his success. Well, any aspirant can be like him if he has the required dedication, will and well as the helping hands.

Author: Suparna Saha

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