2017 Result

Selected candidates with Rohit Singh (InnovED Global), Shatrudha Prasad(Maths),
Giren Roy(Chemistry), Santosh Kumar Singh(Physics) and Sunil Rawat (Motivational Speaker).

40 Selection in 78 Students.

All India JEE Advanced 2017 Mathematics Topper who scored 122 out of 122 in Mathematics is one of Proud InnovEDian.

Rankers in IIT JEE in top 2500
AIR 181, AIR 380, AIR 528, AIR 1546 & AIR 2151.

Rankers in WB JEE in top 200
5th, 10th, 16th, 53rd, 59th, 110th, 125th, 152th & 166th.